I'm Sophia.
It's great to see you.

Pronouns: she/her

Stuff you probably already know:
          I'm a Bachelor's student at Portland State University in Oregon enthusiastic about various storytelling mediums pursuing a career in movie/TV producing and screenwriting. I previously studied computer science at Chapman University in Orange, CA where I could get creative influences from Dodge College. I've worked on several short films, published short stories, and have several experiences in production settings. I've been awarded prestigious scholarships and accepted into demanding programs, such as the McNair's Scholar Research Award and Oregon NASA Grant. 

New stuff you might want to know: 

          After visiting the UK, I'm planning to move near London after college because of its reputation as a multicultural, high-energy, and entertainment hub. Ever since seeing Heath Ledger as the (best) Joker in "The Dark Knight", I knew I wanted to create stories. Then after BLM protests erupted in my city, I enrolled in a sociology course where I began researching the depth of systemic injustice faced by women, Black people, and LGBTQ+. I'm taken-aback by the power media and images have in communication and storytelling, so after I graduated high school in Portland, OR, I explored visual platforms like graphic design and video editing as part of my Multimedia Certificate. 

           I've been using Adobe for 3 years, and have worked with my previous 2 colleges creating content for outreach and communications, and enjoyed the creative collaboration more than I anticipated.

           It's thrilling to encourage people to question their preconceptions through images — possibly the most poignant medium of communication — regardless if it's showing college students the possibilities they can pursue for their education, or presenting the realities of society in the hopes of a more equitable humanity. I hope to work together soon!

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